Barcode Printer Thermal Transfer

Barcode Printer Thermal Transfer

Rs. 38500/=

Cameleon XP-H500B is a thermal transfer printer. Thermal transfer printing is a digital printing method in which material is applied to paper by melting a coating of ribbon so that it stays glued to the material on which the print is applied. So compare to direct thermal printing thermal transfer printed material last longer and more sharper as well. Mostly these printed stickers are water-proof and dust-proof.

Thermal transfer is preferred over direct thermal printing on surfaces that are heat sensitive or when higher durability of printed matter (especially against heat) is desired.

Thermal Transfer is a popular print process particularly used for the printing of identification labels. It is the most widely used printing process in the world for the printing of high quality barcodes. Printers like label makers can laminate the print for added durability.

Because of high price tags on thermal transfer printers the customer hesitate to invest their money on these type of printers. That's why we offer Cameleon XP-H500B for very low price compare to other brands. H500B is solid and easy to use. It supports wide range of thermal ribbons so customer will always have an option selecting ribbons. Apart from the technical differences the operation is almost similar to direct thermal printer like Cameleon XP-360B and XP-450B